Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are a type of prosthetic that repairs damaged teeth as well as fills in gaps of missing teeth. A crown works like a cap for a tooth while a bridge acts as a fill-in for missing teeth and is attached to the teeth nearby. Both crowns and bridges are a great option for damaged or missing teeth and are a relatively easy fix to oral issues of this type.

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Crowns can be made of various materials, usually the materials to choose from are gold, alloy, or porcelain. When a tooth is damaged a crown may be used as a cap for the tooth. This allows the tooth to be strengthened and protected so no further damage is done. A crown also allows for some improvements such as appearance, alignment, and shape. This, in turn, can make it better for chewing, talking, and could even reduce pain or irritation caused by the tooth.


Bridges are used as a way to fill in gaps where teeth are missing. There are usually two crowns, one on each side and a false tooth in the middle of a bridge. The false tooth is placed in the gap where the missing tooth is located, and the crowns attach to a tooth on either side. The replacement tooth is called a pontic while the two sides where the false tooth is anchored are called abutments. Bridges also come in various materials, but porcelain or ceramic options are the most popular because the color of them can be matched with your natural teeth.


In order to fit crowns and bridges, the teeth involved will have to be reduced in size. If a crown or bridge is placed on a tooth without reduction, it wouldn’t fit properly into the space and would appear bulkier than the rest of a patient’s natural teeth.

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