Dental Implants

At times, a tooth can become too damaged to save and must be removed. However, the space left after a tooth is removed must be filled in order to maintain the integrity of the gum and stimulation of the bone and gum. If not, they can breakdown and other issues can arise. This is where implants come into play.

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An implant is a fake tooth that is matched to each patient’s other teeth in order for it to appear as natural as possible. Implants can be treated just like natural teeth and must be cared for much in the same way with consistent oral hygiene. It will feel and fit into the missing space just as a natural tooth would.

Implants have a post that is drilled into the jaw which stimulates it in the same way a natural tooth would. A false tooth is then placed on the top of the post. Implants do not come loose like dentures do. They function just like natural teeth.


Usually, when implants are utilized it takes drilling a post into the jaw for each tooth that’s needing to be replaced. However, with technological advances, if an entire row of teeth need to be replaced and dentures are not desired, all-on-4 implants can be used. This is where only four posts are surgically placed into the jaw and then a full row of false teeth is attached to the posts.

For those not wanting dentures and for those who would prefer something a little more permanent, all-on-4 dental implants are a plausible option. Implants are often more expensive but, they offer more conveniences than dentures. Not only are implants not able to be removed but, they can be treated just like natural teeth and aren’t as sensitive as dentures.

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