Oral Cancer Screening

When it comes to conditions such as cancer, it’s always best to try and catch it as early on as possible. This allows patients to fight it and have a better chance of winning. One way to ensure that something like this is caught early on is by getting screenings. This is why dental professionals will often include an oral cancer screening with the comprehensive oral exam. Oral cancer screenings are considered diagnostic but, are also preventative.

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It is usually conducted without you even knowing it. When a dentist does a comprehensive oral exam, they check inside your mouth for signs of cavities, gum disease, etc. While looking for these signs, they’re also looking for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions inside the mouth. Signs may present themselves as white spots/patches, irritation, or sores. If they’re unsure of the answer to the screening, or if a suspicious spot is found, they may take a tissue sample that will be sent off to a lab for testing. In order to determine the extent of the cancer or damage, if found, a camera may be used to look down the throat and image testing may be included.


Oral cancer screenings do not usually cost any extra since they are usually already included in the cost of your comprehensive oral exam given every 6 months. Each dental practice is different, though, so be sure to ask if you would like to know for sure. You may incur extra charges if a tissue sample has to be sent to the lab since that portion isn’t usually routine. You may also incur extra charges if more steps have to be taken outside the basic oral exam.

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