Partial and Full Dentures

Dentures are commonly seen in our current society. They’re an option for replacing missing teeth, especially if there’s more than one missing tooth involved. Dentures are affordable and can often be done quite quickly. Each set of dentures, whether full or partial, are custom made for each patient.

Full sets of dentures usually involve a false set of teeth with flesh-colored portions that fit over the top of the gums. They are often held in place by an adhesive and are removable. They function just like normal teeth however, they are a little more fragile than natural teeth. Partial dentures are usually used when only a few teeth are missing. These are often attached to a small metal frame which attaches to your remaining, natural teeth. There’s no adhesive involved, and they don’t come out as easily as full dentures do.

Partial and Full Dentures Partial and Full Dentures Dr. Aaron Wildung DDS Family Dental Phoenix General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist in Phoenix, AZ 85021


If full dentures are required, all remaining teeth must be extracted from the mouth. It’s common for a dentist to wait for healing to occur with the gums before fitting full dentures. However, there is such a thing as immediate dentures which allow the dentures to be fitted immediately upon tooth extraction. However, these often require adjustments after healing has occurred in the mouth.


Getting used to full dentures can take weeks, while partial dentures are much easier to ease into. Talking and eating may take some time to get used to since the dentures may feel awkward as the gums and mouth are adhering to the changes. Some soreness and irritation may be noticed and that’s normal with new dentures.

It’s suggested that a patient with full or partial dentures has a checkup once a year to ensure they still fit properly. The overall health of the patient along with the condition of the dentures will be examined.

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