Periodontal Services

Periodontal services are those that include everything around the teeth. In other words, it’s the area of dentistry that focuses on pretty much everything but the tooth. That means if you need your gums cleaned due to gum disease or have trouble with a similar issue, it will be covered by this area of dentistry.

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This area of dentistry largely focuses on the health of a patient’s gums. Gum disease is a fairly common issue, especially in adults. Plaque and bad bacteria can build up and cause the gums to become infected. This is considered gum disease and if left unchecked, the infection can spread into the bones of the face and eventually turn into periodontal disease. Some symptoms of this issue are swollen gums, bleeding of the gums, and sensitivity. There is not always pain involved but, depending on the level the gum disease has reached, pain may become a problem.


When attending the dentist with the focus being periodontal services, there are usually a few things included. Of course, an exam of the gums is the very first step in order to diagnose if there are any issues that need to be addressed. If need be, the dentist will suggest a plan of treatment which could be anything from a deep gum cleaning to scaling and root planing. The dentist will then discuss with you on how to proceed in order to keep the gum disease under control or at bay. A special mouthwash may be suggested that will help halt the progression of the gum disease, if it has reached a certain level. Your dental professional will make sure you are clear on the maintenance it will require to get your teeth back in tip top shape.

If you or your family are experiencing any gum issues, give us a call so we can further assist you.