Root Canals

As we age, teeth can take quite a bit of wear and tear. This can cause teeth to get diseased or damaged. Poor oral hygiene can also cause this issue if left uncorrected for too long. When this occurs, the inside of the tooth can become inflamed or infected for numerous reasons. In order to save the original tooth, a root canal may be utilized to remove the affected area inside the tooth known as the pulp.

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When issues occur with a tooth such as a crack in a crown or similar problems, it can cause infection or inflammation to set into the pulp, or inside of the tooth. This can cause a great amount of pain or even an abscess on the tooth. This can be very uncomfortable and make it difficult to do basic tasks such as chew or even drink cold drinks.

In order to save the tooth, the infected or inflamed pulp, or inside of the tooth, is removed and thoroughly cleaned out. Once disinfected, the tooth is then filled with a rubbery type material called gutta-percha. Before finishing, and depending on the circumstances, the tooth will be finished off with a crown or filling. Fillings can either be made of amalgam or composite resin. Composite resin is the same color as the tooth and often ends up being the filling of choice.


The most important aspect to point out about root canals is that they’re a great procedure to use when wanting to keep the original tooth. Root canals allow a patient to maintain their original smile and actually save the original tooth whereas, other options may include losing the original tooth altogether.

If you’re suffering with pain and are unsure if you’re in need of a root canal or not, Family Dental Phoenix is only a phone call away to assist you.