Tooth Colored Fillings

A filling is often used to fix the area where a cavity has appeared. The rotted part of the tooth is removed and filled in order to maintain the integrity of the structure of the tooth. Fillings can come in an amalgam form or a resin form. The resin option is a tooth colored filling that appears as if there was no portion of the tooth even removed. The amalgam filling appears as a dark spot on or in the tooth where the cavity was replaced.

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Tooth colored fillings usually cost more than metal fillings and may be harder to get if you’re using insurance. However, they’re usually the preferred filling because of how smoothly they blend in with your other teeth. These fillings are also referred to as composite resins. This type of filling is good for smaller repairs of the tooth. They’re strong and can withstand any pressure applied by chewing. However, if a filling is larger than usual, the strength of these fillings will be a little weaker and are not usually the preferred option for larger repairs of a tooth.


Tooth colored fillings are considered to be weaker than amalgam fillings which means they might not last as long. They stand a higher risk of needing to be replaced before an amalgam filling may be. However, composite resin fillings still last about five years or longer. Although this is about half the time an amalgam filling lasts, it’s still preferred since most patients prefer a more natural looking option. If the composite resin filling is used in a smaller area of the tooth, it is likely that the filling will last longer than it would if it were used in a medium sized filling.

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