Tooth Extractions

An extraction takes place when there are certain circumstances that may warrant a patient having a tooth pulled, or removed, completely from the mouth. Extractions may occur for many reasons. Some of those include: damage that cannot be repaired, advanced decay, a crowded mouth, and having wisdom teeth removed.

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The process of an extraction begins when local anesthetic is usually administered to numb the area of the extraction. In some cases, an anesthetic may be used that will allow you to sleep through the process, if it is going to be longer or a more extensive procedure, or if the patient would prefer it. Anything impacting the tooth such as tissue and bone may be removed first, once the anesthetic has begun to work. After this is accomplished, forceps are used to grasp the tooth and rock it back and forth until it comes loose. Sometimes, a tooth may resist and be harder to pull or be in a strange position and when this occurs, the tooth is removed in pieces.

If you’re awake during the process, you should only feel pressure, no pain. Each patient is different and may need more or less anesthetic. If you’re feeling pain, alert your dentist who will administer more anesthetic. Most dental professionals will ask you questions before they begin to ensure this doesn’t happen. It’s always good to communicate freely with your dentist so they can help you to the best of their ability.