Get A Fast & Accurate Diagnosis With Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are a standard tool used by our dentist at Family Dental Phoenix in Phoenix to diagnose and treat a series of dental issues. By using digital X-rays to assess your oral health condition, our dentist can help you protect and strengthen your smile.

What are digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are a type of imaging technology used to view a patient’s teeth, gums, and jawbone. They enable us to gain an in-depth understanding of your overall oral health while also highlighting cavities, gum disease, injury, infection, and other abnormalities the naked eye cannot detect.

When are digital x-rays used?

Digital X-rays are used in various circumstances, such as before dental procedures, to assess existing problems, and to track the progress of a patient's treatment. They can also be used to monitor your teeth’s health and the surrounding structures.

What benefits do digital X-rays provide?

Digital X-rays offer many benefits over traditional film X-rays, such as faster image acquisition, better accuracy, improved quality control, and more. They also emit lower radiation levels, making them safer for patients with compromised immune systems. Digital X-rays allow for instant viewing of images on our chairside monitor so that we can make a faster diagnosis and treatment plan.

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