Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are considered a diagnostic form of dentistry. However, they’re also preventative in that they give dental professionals a glimpse at things that might be developing below the surface. Further, they also capture what the naked eye can’t see allowing dental professionals a much more detailed look. On top of all of this, digital X-rays are much easier and quicker to handle than traditional X-rays since they’re not prints that need to be hung up on special lighting equipment to be seen.

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When getting X-rays, there are usually two types involved, intraoral and extraoral. When a digital X-ray needs to be taken inside the mouth, those are referred to as intraoral X-rays. Digital X-rays that are taken outside of the mouth (the most common) are referred to as extraoral X-rays.

When X-rays are taken, they allow dental professionals to see a high level of detail not only of the teeth but the roots, jaw, and tissues surrounding the teeth. This means they can get a head start on anything that might be “brewing” in order to stop the progress or reverse the issue. Sometimes, once issues are finally noticed on the surface for patients to go see the dentist, it’s already to the point where it needs more treatment. In some cases, it’s too late to fix the tooth and more drastic measures have to be taken.


Digital X-rays are a wonderful addition to a comprehensive oral exam and may include different types outside of the intraoral and extraoral aspects. Periapical X-rays allow the entire tooth to be X-rayed while panoramic X-rays photograph everything including the nasal area. Further, a bitewing X-ray allows a dental professional to see how the upper and lower teeth meet each other, and the occlusal captures the floor of the mouth.

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